Icon-120Practice Buddy is available as both a free and paid app in the iTunes app store. This app is freshly redesigned with a beautiful new Flat UI, optimized for iOs7 and featuring parent gates as it falls in the 9-11 age category for kids apps. For enhanced ‘premium’ admin capability, download Practice Buddy Pro, now available with options to schedule push notification practice reminders as well as record part of a practice session and email it to a teacher or parent. Kids, get motivated to practice! Teachers, track your students’ progress!

Press Release

Practice Buddy Pro includes a curated playlist to allow students to find inspiration to practice

Practice Buddy Pro is a fun way to get kids to practice their musical instruments. Teachers and parents manage settings within the app which are optionally password-protected, to customize the student’s experience. The admin sets the student’s name, length of practice, the name of the instrument, number of practices before a prize is won, and the prize or incentive to be earned after successful completion of a series of practices. The admin can also choose a background for the student to make the experience more pleasant. The student manages the home screen, setting the timer each time she or he practices. Via Premium admin, a parent or teacher can schedule practice reminders and input a from and to email address field so that a recording of a practice session is automatically emailed to the admin. All sensitive areas are protected by parental gates. We never store or share personal information! An easy way to make practicing certifiably fun!

Practice Buddy Pro is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Here’s a screenshot of the student’s view:


This is the Administrator’s screen:



Premium Admin:


A parent gate:



Playlists and social media buttons:




  1. Since updating to iOS 6.1 the app has stopped working! My daughter is very upset as she loves it and uses it every day! Will there be an update soon?

    1. Thanks, Apple!!! Looks like the timer no longer works with iOs 6+ as you say. I will work on a fix very soon! This whole app needs to be updated anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I am a music teacher and thrilled to find this app. But after downloading, it gets stuck on a certain screen where I enter my instrument by scrolling through a rolling bar. I can’t exit out if this screen without deleting the whole app and reinstalling. Help!

    1. Hello, thank you for using Practice Buddy! I think the problem may be that you are having trouble closing the scroller (the list of instruments) which is hiding the submit button. There is a small arrow at the top of the scroller; press that and you can close it and then continue with saving your settings. I am going to change the arrow to a bigger ‘close’ button in the next update. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Please let me know if you have other issues, if your students are able to use the app effectively, how it could be improved, and if you can, please rate Practice Buddy on the iTunes store! best, Jen

      1. I tried to push the arrow like you suggested, but it did not close and again, I had to back out completely with home button. I have an iPhone 4S. Also, one time, I opened all and it completely froze my entire phone- even my home button!! I had to reset my phone entirely. I have the free version….is this the problem? I REALLY need an app like this for my 40 piano students to motivate them and help the parents. Hope you can fix this!! If so, I’ll be telling all my students and friends about it. If not, I’ll be so disappointed.

        1. hi, I just submitted an update to the apple store with better buttons to close the dropdowns along with bugfixes and a parent gate. I’ll post here when the approval goes through…please stand by and thank you for your patience…

  3. Hello again. The fixes you made are getting there. I have the free version. When I clicked on wheel with lockpad, and tried to enter a pass ode, it gave me messages that I need to purchase Premium. That I can understand, but then it froze again, and wouldn’t let me get out of the login box (with pop up keyboard). I tried tapping everywhere on the screen to close the keyboard pop up, but it didn’t work. I had to exit out of app. Now evey time I go back to app, it is stick on login screen. I can’t get “home.” So I’m going to have to delete app entirely and reload it.

  4. hi, let me test around the in-app purchase area (the Premium content). Sounds like the Parent Gate I put in (now that Apple wants us to do that) is conflicting with the popup messages. I really appreciate your feedback. I hope at least your students can use the free content while I perfect the paid?

    Thank you!

  5. Can more than one student use the same practice buddy app on the same device? It only seems like one student can use it. Also, one student plays three instruments, but there only seems to be ability to enter practice for one instrument.

    I would love option to have studentsbe able to make an audio recording of practices – even just sample to prove they were practicing and email that to teacher/administrator.

    1. On the first question, no, not yet…but I’ll put it on the list of enhancements!

      Students can currently access that ability to schedule notifications, record a session, and email it to you or whomever, via the Premium Admin tab. Have your students tried it?

      1. One student is trying it on my app, but can’t find the way to record his practices. Is there a button? Even with premium, can’t find it.

        1. hi, there’s an on switch at the top of the premium (purple) toolbox: “send email after a completed practice” – that should be switched to ‘on’ and the email address should be filled in in the box below. Then click save.

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