Minute Stretches

Minute Stretches – Stretch, Strengthen, Take a Break, Reduce Pain and Stiffness with Static Stretches for Desk and Office Workers

While static stretches have been proven to be suboptimal for the performance athlete, the office or desk worker benefits greatly from taking a break, getting up, moving around, and performing a few stretches to improve circulation. Your body will feel more relaxed, your mind sharper, your reflexes better, and your overall outlook will improve in the office or telecommuting home office when you take breaks and stretch with Minute Stretches!

25 static stretches that can easily be done in an office or at home with no extra equipment required are presented in groups of two. Your minute stretch includes two thirty-second stretches, proven to be the optimal time to hold a stretch. Chimes tell you when to start, when to take a break, when to switch, and when to stop.

Improve productivity and flexibility, take a break and stretch!

– Pick individual stretches in a menu, and ‘favorite’ them to save for later
– Each stretch is clearly illustrated via color photos
– Have the app randomly shuffle two stretches for you, to be repeated as often as you like
– Perform two stretches of thirty seconds each to optimal performance
– Set notifications for thirty days to be reminded to stretch on the hour
– Your favorite stretches are saved in a personal panel
– Recent stretches are recorded in a separate tableview
– Play your own music along with your stretching routine

A clear and beautiful interface helps you maintain your flexibility and health. Stretch every hour, every day!



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