Beacon Hunt

beacon-iconDesigned for use with Estimote Beacons (, Beacon Hunt will help you wow the neighbors and excite your customers by making clever use of beacons for hunts.

Create an awesome Easter Egg Hunt by concealing a beacon inside a plastic egg and hiding it. Build your hunt by creating a six-character PIN for use by the guests.

Send this PIN via email from within the app.

Guests and customers join this ‘gated’ hunt by inputting the proper PIN and can search for the beacons with the app. If they come within a meter of the beacon, a button appears and they can ‘claim’ the beacon – Mint, Blueberry, or Ice color.

A push notification is sent to the members of the hunt when a beacon is ‘claimed’. Enhance the hunt by adding prizes of your own if a beacon is found.

Great for Afikomen searches, scavenger hunts, and egg hunts. Gamify your brick-and-mortar store’s shopping experience, enhance a party, and make life up close and personal with Estimote ‘nearable’ beacons!

Coming soon – Offline support and Estimote Sticker support.



5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 3 5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 1 5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 4 5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 2

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