Learn Mandarin Chinese conversation with Gabbler, where learning a second language is fun and easy! Three modes of learning: phonetic (pinyin), Chinese characters (hanyu) and simply listening to phrases are paired with three game settings: Chit Chat, Magic Zap, and Word Rain. Five real-life lessons reinforce easy-to-learn sentence structures. Listen to kids saying the phrases in standard Mandarin, read the translation, and gain usable Chinese proficiency that you can apply immediately. Track your progress on the leaderboard as you position yourself as a top Gabbler! Earn 100% on a lesson and download a printable prize specially designed for Gabbler by Tim Haugen at

What people are saying about Gabbler:

“…Just gave Gabbler a run-through on my iphone and wanted to drop another line… this is awesome! Congrats again. I passed it along and I already have a co-worker who gave it to their family to learn some Mandarin. I really dig the format…” –Chris

“Esta nueva aplicación, especialmente diseñada para los más jóvenes, ayuda a los niños a aprender habilidades de conversación en la vida real en chino mandarín en un entorno divertido y estimulante.” (this new app, specially designed for the youngest children, helps children to learn real-life conversations in Mandarin chinese in a fun and stimulating way.”  –ChinaCulture – Aprender Chino Mandarin

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How to play

1. Login with a unique username and password. Your scores are stored online, but we don’t save anyone’s email address or other personal information.

2. On the menu screen, use the buttons on the blue strip at the bottom of the screen to pick your character (boy or girl), mode of play (pinyin, the phonetic version of Mandarin Chinese), reading Chinese characters, or listening to the sentences without reading anything. Choose which game you want to play – Chit Chat, Word Rain, or Magic Zap. Pick which of five scenarios you want to learn – go to a restaurant, go shopping, go to school, visit a home, or just say ‘hello’. Use the ‘home’ icon at the top left to return to the menu screen.

3. Click ‘play’! You can always use the ‘home’ icon to return to menu. Click the gear at the top left of the menu screen to see the leaderboard.

4. Tips on game play: for Chit Chat, click the ‘ear’ icon to listen to a phrase and the ‘abc’ icon to read a translation in English. Click the right answer to the question and try to get 100%. For Word Rain, click the right answer as it falls to the ground with the rain. For Magic Zap, choose the right answer and try to make a magic ray hit the caterpillar as it crawls right and left. Hit the caterpillar and get bonus points! Hit it 5 times and get a special surprise!

4. Win a prize! Become a top Gabbler on the leaderboard and collect all five printable pages by earning 100% on each lesson. Want a sneak peek of the printables, specially designed for Gabbler by Tim Haugen of download a bonus printable page here.

5. Have fun and enjoy!


The curriculum of the quiz levels is loosely based on a textbook called 301 Conversational Chinese Phrases:

de Kang Yuhua, Lai Siping
Maison d’Edition de l’Institut des Langues de Beijing, Beijing, 449 p.

I am grateful to my husband, Qing, for proofreading, and to Jian and Xiri for their input as well. In particular I want to thank Sophie and Richard, our fabulous voice talent, for bringing Hailan and Dawei to life. Thanks go to Timothy Haugen of who designed and created the printable prizes. And finally thank you to my supporters on Kickstarter for funding the creation of the art! I am grateful to you all.