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If you know me, you know I love the shiny new awesome tools that come across my Twitter feed. I often can’t wait to try them out by building a proof of concept. ADD? Addicted to eye candy? Maybe. But the latest candy to cross my plate has been two years in the making, and I’ve been watching them for that long…it’s the new mobile-first javascript library that promises lightning-fast HTML5 apps, I shamelessly buttered up the folks to get early access, essentially jumping about 70,000 people in line, and got access to University, Guides and Demo code, and the installer process to create an app.

Here’s the demo that I created. I built it after many stops and starts, looking at ways to get data to be displayed in; in brief, is a front-end only toolset, and if you want to display any kind of data within an MVC framework, you’re going to need to layer on top of some kind of framework to shape your app. I ended up borrowing demo code from and paring it down to a basic backbone.js app. That way I could build a basic flashcards app, where you can practice learning the basic present tense verb conjugations of some regular and irregular French verbs. This is what happens when you let a former French teacher build mobile/web apps…

View this app at my github repo:


The repo itself is here:


Screenshot 2014-05-07 23.07.25


Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown of the awesome animations of It’s still early days so we have yet to see where it’s going. Rumor has it it has its sights set on Phonegap. Can’t be too soon for me!

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