The December winner of the Cat’s Pajamas Award: App for Dog!

Even though this award ostensibly refers to garments for our feline friends, we are branching out in December and are happy to award our December Cat’s Pajamas award to the talented Laura Tallardy whose App for Dog is turning pups into Pupcassos!

This creative app allows a dog or other animal to paint, using nose, paws, and maybe even tongue, creating very pretty designs in a multitouch format. A button is shown asking ‘Human or Dog’ at which point a human can opt to save the artistic creation on the device. Genius!

A fun video was generated by a satisfied customer showing an adorable dog painting using this app:

I love it.

And so does Tango, our Gecko, proving that dogs aren’t the only ones with artistic talent!


Bravo, Laura, and here’s your Cat’s Pajamas badge!



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  1. Thanks so much for giving the Cat’s Pajamas Award to App for Dog!! I’m very honored- I’ll have to make a sequel now for kitties and geckos specifically! 😉 Love Tango’s paintings!!

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